Chakra Connection - Heart

Each class in the Academy is linked to a Chakra (energy centre) in your body, and the information and activities in each class can help to clear the energy in that Chakra, and get it spinning freely.

There are seven main Chakras in the body, and they each have a colour and a part of the body associated with them. The Heart Chakra is usually associated with the colour green (though also pink sometimes), and can be found in the centre of the chest. This Chakra is associated with emotions and feelings, and of course, love.

Many Earth Angels operate from their Heart Chakra, they are capable of loving others deeply and unconditionally, but can often be so open-hearted that it often gets broken and trampled on. It's important for Earth Angels to regularly clear and heal their Heart Chakra, so that they can continue to love openly, and don't end up creating walls and barriers around their hearts in an attempt to protect themselves. Angels have the biggest Heart Chakras, and their ability to love everyone unconditionally is unrivalled. Therefore they need to take good care of their Heart Chakra, and make sure the clear and heal it often. Old Souls can experience issues with their hearts, as they have usually accumulated lifetimes of heartbreak, and if they don't break down their heart walls, and cleanse their Heart Chakra, they can experience physical heart problems, in the form of arrhythmias, heart attacks and heart disease.

When the Heart Chakra is out of balance, there can be a heavy feeling in the chest, and as mentioned above, actual heart problems can occur physically. It can also be difficult to be completely open and loving within a relationship, and it can be difficult to fully love ourselves.

Ways you can strengthen and clear this Chakra are:

#1. Visualise a green disc or ball in the centre of your chest, spinning freely in a smooth circle.

#2. Nurture and be kind to yourself. Do things that make your soul sing with happiness, or things that make you feel loved and comforted and safe.

#3. Get a green or pink crystal, and keep it in your pocket for a few days, to allow the energy to cleanse your heart and open it up to give and receive love. You could use green aventurine, green fluorite, green amethyst, or any other green crystal. You can also use pink crystals, the pink crystal most associated with the heart is rose quartz, the crystal of unconditional love. Or you could use rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline or rhodonite. Be sure to clear the crystal in sunlight/moonlight after carrying it with you, to clear it of any lower energies.

#4. Wear green or pink clothing. The colour of the clothing and accessories that you wear normally can give you a clue as to which Chakra might be out of balance.

#5. Work through this class slowly, cleansing your body and aura of all trapped emotions, and then set some time aside every week to check in with yourself and do further cleansing as necessary.

#6. Love yourself. Exactly as you are. And know that you are loved unconditionally by the Angels.