The Classes

These classes were created to assist Earth Angels who may be finding it difficult to be on Earth at this present time of energetic shifts and spiritual growth.

When Earth Angels know their true origins, understand why they are here, and discover their purpose for this life, they can really shine, and enjoy their life, enjoy being human, and enjoy connecting with others on the same path.

These classes are a way to begin that process of discovery and learn useful tools and concepts that make being human a little bit easier.

Each class will include material to read about the topic, activities and exercises to complete and a list of recommended books.

You can take the classes in any order, and the topics are:

Remembering 101

Communication 101

Emotions 101

Awakening 101

Death 101

Manifestation 101

Free Will 101

You can pick and choose which ones you do, or do them all, it’s entirely up to you! If you do complete all of them, you will have the option of a graduation certificate, to show that you have completed your studies at the Earth Angel Training Academy - again!

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