Death 101

In the novel, The Earth Angel Training Academy, the Earth Angel trainees attend classes about death. The purpose of these classes is to learn about how humans on Earth view death, and how they might feel about death when they are in human form.

Because they come from other realms, and they know that death is merely a transformation, from one body and dimension to another, some Earth Angels have no fear of death, and in fact, often wish they could go 'home', to their own realm or planet or dimension, where they feel like they belong. Other Earth Angels have a fear of death, of not existing, despite knowing that there is more that lies beyond the veil of this Earth.

This class will look at death, how we perceive it, what happens when we die, how to cope with the death of a loved one, and how we can live differently if we release our fears surrounding it. Please do try out the exercises and check out the recommended books and movies, if you are dealing with loss, or are looking for ways to cope with your own mortality, then I believe it may bring comfort, hope and love to the situation.

The ideas and discussions here are not the ultimate answer to everything, they are merely signposts, to help you along your journey. They come from channelings, stories and life experiences. Your own journey and experiences are fully your own, and are beautiful. You may feel triggered by the following discussions, or by the activities, if you are, please speak to someone, reach out to me, or explore those triggers in your own way. You may want to stop reading, and leave the class, and that’s completely understandable, but I hope that this class will help you to explore your thoughts, beliefs and feelings around death in a positive way.

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