Awakening 101

The intention for this class is to help you to discover your purpose and mission in this lifetime on Earth. Each type of Earth Angel will have a general mission, but each Earth Angel will also have chosen something specific. New missions and purposes are discovered and chosen throughout our lives too, so if you feel as though you have already fulfilled your purpose, know that there could be another purpose for you to fulfil, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are finished and it's time for you to go home.

This class will go through a few different ways you can figure out or choose your purpose, and what might make you feel more fulfilled based on the type of Earth Angel you are. It helps if you already know what type you are, and if you don't, then check out Remembering 101 to find out.

As always, no one else can tell you who you are or why you are here - only you and your Guardian Angels in spirit know that. But this class has been created to help you remember and come to know consciously what you already know unconsciously.

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