The Earth Angel Training Academy

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Thank you for joining us at the Earth Angel Training Academy!

Being an Earth Angel on Earth at this time can be difficult, and if you haven’t connected with other Earth Angels, or you’re not sure what your mission is, or you’re very sensitive, it can feel very overwhelming and lonely.

These classes are based on the classes in the novel, The Earth Angel Training Academy by Michelle Gordon and have been created to provide tools to deal with the overwhelm, and with daily life as a human being on Earth.

The Earth Angel Series are books that Michelle has written about Angels, Faeries, Merpeople and Starpeople who go to a Training Academy on the other side to learn how to become human. Then one by one, they’re called to Earth and incarnate into human bodies. The first book in the series is The Earth Angel Training Academy, then there’s The Earth Angel Awakening, The Other Side, The Twin Flame Reunion, The Twin Flame Retreat, The Twin Flame Resurrection and The Twin Flame Reality.

The first book was mostly channelled, and Michelle wrote it in just two months. The rest of the books in the series so far are a mixture of channelling and Michelle’s own life experiences woven together.

The books have helped many people around the world to recognise that they are Earth Angels, and to realise that they are here on Earth to help with the spiritual awakening that is currently taking place. Michelle wrote them as fiction instead of non-fiction, because sometimes it’s easier to take information in when it’s in story-form, as our defensive barriers aren’t up. We just read and enjoy the story, and often get deeper meanings and messages from it.

In the first book, as part of their training, the students take lots of different classes on different human topics - Communication, Death, Emotions, Free Will, Manifestation etcetera.

Though Earth Angels received this training before coming to Earth, when they were born into a human body, their slate was wiped clean, and they forgot much of it. Which is why many Earth Angels often have a feeling of not belonging on Earth, of feeling out of place, of wanting to go home, but often they don't understand why.

Once Earth Angels on Earth know who they really are and where they have really come from, being human becomes a little easier. Then, it's a matter of remembering and then using the right tools for them to thrive in their human existence.

The classes will mention the characters from the books in the Earth Angel series, and the situations or events, so although it's not required reading for the course, if you would like to understand who they are and their stories in more detail, then you can get the whole series on Amazon, in paperback or for your Kindle.

The main point of these classes is to have fun, remember who you are, and to ultimately begin to feel more at home on this planet. Above all, we want for you to realise that you are not alone, and that we’re all in this together!

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